About Asset Finance

Are you looking for an alternate source of finance to improve your company or business, and then we give best advice on how to get business asset finance. We offer different financial solutions to meet your needs.

What Is Asset Finance?

It’s a kind of approach that gives your business or company access to various asset like equipment, vehicle, plants generators for growth without compromising cash flow. Tying up your working capital can be avoided by spreading the cost of your asset over the period of your company economic life.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the major types of asset?
1. Stocks or equities. 2. Fixed Income or bonds. 3. Money market or cash equivalents. 4. Real estate or other tangible assets.
What are the examples of assets?
There are various examples of assets, some are listed below: Cash, short term investments, accounts receivable, inventory, prepaid expenses, long-term investments, land, buildings, machines, equipment, furniture, fixtures, vehicles, goodwill, and much more.
How does asset finance work?
It involves paying a regular charge to use the asset over an agreed period of time; it involves leasing of a property over an agreed period of time. The most common types of asset finance are leasing and hire purchase. Security may be required.
Is loan an asset?
A loan collected by someone can be referred to as liability and it is an asset too who issued the loan.

Benefits Of Asset Finance

  • Enables company growth
  • Maintains cash flow especially for business who trades in fluctuating markets
  • When the price is right, it enables you to buy quickly

At penny solvers, we hope to build partnership with our customers. We are experienced in cooperate finance and asset finance. Contact us, we are sure to help you all the way.

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    Types Of Asset Finance

    1. Operating Lease

    This type of lease, the terms are short, compared to the life of the equipment being leased, that is short term basis


    • Full use of the asset without buying it
    • Flexibility
    • Rental lost is reduced that is, pay less
    • Reduced cost

    2. Refinance Release

    When your asset is being accessed on your current balance sheet and the value is used elsewhere within your business


    • It’s efficient enough
    • Your term can be extended by spreading the cost
    • When capital is released, it makes you make fast decision during business negotiation contracts

    3. Finance Lease

    In this type, the rent is paid for the rental period, it flows with the availability of cash and very flexible. The interest and the full cost of the asset will be paid. At the end of the lease agreement, you can continue by entering another agreement, sell the asset or return


    • The use of the asset is not interrupted
    • The cost can be spread further

    4. Hire Purchase

    In this type of purchase, your asset is acquired and at the same time paying in installment for the period of term agreed upon. At the end of the payment, you can then decide to purchase the asset. It’s suitable for acquiring vehicle, construction, equipment, machinery with a resell value.


    • The cost is spread over the period of asset
    • It makes it easier to buy expensive things because the payment is spread over a period of time
    • You get to enjoy the goods even though full payment has not been made


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