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Cavity Wall Claims

Cavity wall installation is a type that is installed between two brick walls, One internal and another external. After 1920, the most properties were built having two cavity walls, The most types are blown mineral fiber, polystyrene beads and urea formaldehyde foam. If these materials are not installed correctly or a fake one is used, it results to dampness; dry rot increased heating bills, health issue and mould. If all these are occurring in your property, you are entitles to a compensation which would lead to rectification of the cavity walls.

  • Causes of cavity wall insulation damage
  • Fire destroys insulation
  • Fake products
  • Poor regulation and auditing
  • Installation practice may not be professional enough
  • Poor record keeping
  • Unskilled laborers and poor monitoring

Frequently Asked Question

Can I make a claim for cavity wall damp?
You can make a claim if your landlord has refused to install cavity wall insulation. Therefore, to be able to make a claim, you will have to consult a lawyer.
Is there any problem with cavity wall insulation?
Cavity wall insulation used to make a home warm and more energy efficient. If it is not installed properly or fake product was installed, then problem can arise.
How can you tell if you have a cavity wall?
You can tell if the brickwork has been covered. You can also tell by measuring the width of the wall. Examine one of your window or door towards the one of your external walls. If the brick wall is more than 260mm thick, then it probably has a cavity.
How much does a cavity wall cost?
The cost of cavity wall insulation varies; it can be around £725 to insulate a detached house, or about £370 for a mid-terrace property.

What We Do?

We return home and properties to its normal state by supplying cavity wall insulation advice services. You can choose our services as we can put your interest at heart. With the help of our experts, we will work for you throughout the process of your claim on a No fee No win basis.

Why should I Claim?

  •  Provide a fully transparent service
  •  Injury to furniture
  •  Your work is always at your best interest
  •  All your data will be kept confidential
  • Giving you feedback on monthly basis
  •  Work solely with you based on your claims


  •  Damp patches, mounds, bad smell on walls make you eligible to make claim
  •  Rooting woodwork
  •  Damp walls
  •  Peeling of wallpaper
  •  Condensation on walls and windows


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