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Being a victim of mis-sold mortgage can be so devastating, we fight on behalf of consumers against those who has fallen victim. Our experienced team handles these issues with the whole support they can offer throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I make small court claim?
1. Try to settle the dispute outside of court.
2. Then contact the county clerk in the small claims court district that is close to your residence or business of the person you are suing.
3. Fill out a complaint form, known as a “Statement of Claim” at the clerk’s office, and also pay the filing fee.
What is the average pay out for a personal injury claim?
It ranges from £3000 – £75000, the ratio of getting a personal injury claim is 7 out of 10, and all depend on several factors.
How long does small claim takes?
It all depends on your local court, sometimes you case is filed immediately and sometimes it takes a long process. Your date takes 45 days and you get a notice within 1-2 weeks.
How much does it take to convey someone to a small claim court?
You’ll generally pay a filing fee of less than £100 that is recoverable if you win. Your suing amount ranges from state to state, from £2000 – £10000.


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