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Check your Eligibility in 4 easy steps

Did your flight arrive or depart from a UK airport?

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Your departure airport?

Your arrival airport?

What was your flight number?

What was your flight date?

Which airline were you flying with?

Question 3

Was the flight delayed or cancelled?

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How many people are you claiming on behalf of?

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About Flight Delay

It can be so devastating to get stranded due to flight cancellation or delay. Your right to compensation due to flight delay is what we offer, depending on the reason for the cancellation or the delay. The airline has certain legal law in the event of flight cancellation; you are entitled to a meal while waiting for the next flight if your flight gets cancelled. They also offer you flight to the same destination or refund your ticket to compensate you for the cancelled flight.

To know how much you can claim for your flight compensation you can contact us because the more you know much about your claim the better.

Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take to get flight compensation?
It takes about 4 weeks, depending on the airlines. Some airlines pays very quickly, some refuses to pay, so those types might take longer period, if legal proceedings are involved, it takes 3-4 months
Is flight delay compensation per person?
Yes, if 4 people get fly delay, there is compensation for each of them once you made payment for the flight, but if the flight ticket is free of charge, you can’t get compensated
Do children get delayed flight compensation?
Children have the same right to delayed flight compensation as adults do. All passengers are eligible to claim the same amount of money under EU261/2004 regardless of their age
How long can a flight get delayed without a compensation?
The airline owe you a compensation once they are not able to get you to your destination within 1-2 hours of your scheduled domestic flight and within 2-4 hours of your international flight

Process For Claiming Your Compensation

  • Enter Your Flights Details:

Provide basic details about your delayed or cancelled flight which can be seen on your flight tickets

  • Process:

Our experienced and highly skilled team will enforce your rights with you go ahead authorization against the airline to help get your claim. We help defend your claim in court and keep you on track on the process of the claim.

  • Get Your Compensation:

Your compensation (money) will be refunded to your accounts

  • When To Claim Your Right:

If an extraordinary circumstance is faced by the airline, which can be beyond their control, despite taking reasonable preventive measures, for example:

  • Unseen technical problems
  • Crew members going on strike
  • Political unrest in the destined country
  • Volcanic eruption, very bad weather, tsunami, earthquake etc, this type of claim might not be possible, but if the delay was avoidable and other airlines can fly during the strike, compensation is possible.

We defend your air passengers’ rights and help get compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight, contact us today.


How Much Compensation Can I Get?

Depending on the distance, your compensation is based on how far and how long your flight was delayed

TripCourt CaseNo court case
Below 1,500 km. and delayed more than 3 hours907,50 kr.1.450,00 kr.
Between 1,500 – 3,500 km. and delayed more than 3 hours1.430,00 kr.2.325,00 kr.
Over 3,500 km. and delayed between 3-4 hours1.080,00 kr.1.730,00 kr.
Over 3,500 km. and delayed more than 4 hours2.175,00 kr.3.485,00 kr.


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