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Funeral Plans

Leaving this world someday is a must for everyone. When we are leaving this world might not be known to us, so to avoid unplanned events, its best we get ready our funeral plans.

Funeral plans in advance can be an unwholesome and hard conversation to have with your family and loved ones. But this plan will save us from unplanned circumstances and ease our loved ones from spending the unnecessary. Its really going to be a great benefit for your loved ones and it will give an assurance that your funeral is already taken care of.

Through this, it makes you get to know your loved ones that are close to you, at this period lots of difficult steps has to be taken.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does a funeral plan cost?
A basic service fee will be charged that covers common funeral service , the average cost is about $2000-$2500
Is next of kin responsible for funeral cost?
Your relatives can’t be forced to pay for funeral cost. But money can be taken from any assets in deceased’s estate to cover up
Can you pay for funeral cost monthly?
Yes, you can pay for a funeral plan monthly, no matter how high funeral plan rises, it is not going to affect your monthly contribution towards you’re your funeral plan

Benefits Of A Funeral Plan

  • Everyone deserves a befitting funeral, but the alarming increase in rte of funeral is overwhelming.
  • The current price is around £2500 - £4500 for a befitting funeral. This can lead to financial stress during bereave
  • A funeral plans helps to reduce cost and save your family the stress which can be paid monthly at a lower rate; it saves thousands in the future
  • Above all, let your loved ones know about your funeral plans. Without their knowledge, it’s a wasted effort. You can give them the news directly or indirectly in the best way possible, we can help you with that through your documentation that is you want to go the indirect way.
  • We at money advisory are ready to help pursue your funeral plan and make things easy for your loved ones and family
  • Through us, you can take comfort and be assured that your family and loved ones is saved from the emotional and financial burden or organizing and spending on your funeral which definitely delivers peace of mind for you, your family and loved ones


Funeral Plans

Funeral plans are not easy plan to make because lots of things will have to be put into consideration for example food, drinks, buying of casket, burial grounds and logistics. It involves emotional breakdown for the loved ones left behind also. Taking care of these difficulties is a tough one on the family, to lighten the burden on your family, why not consider reaching out to us and we will definitely help simplify the difficulties in the future after you are gone.

By providing some basic details, our experienced and skilled team can guide and advice you through the process where we help review variety of prepaid funeral plans which are affordable.


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