Some car insurance claims are sometimes denied which might vary due to different reasons, depending on the accidents and the circumstances surrounding the accidents. A car claim must be made after being involved in an accident. The claim covers pain sustained, medical bills, lost wages etc

To avoid a claim denial, there are list of reasons why claim might be denied.


There should not be delay in medical treatment after an accident, injuries has to be treated as soon as possible. This might aggravate your healing and also claims. When treated on time, medical records are the proof needed to claim your compensation. When there is delay in your treatment, lots of things can be alleged against you that might lead to the denial of your claim, like injury not gotten from the accident, it was not a very bad accident, medical result doesn’t shoe any injury or pains, or preexisting condition.


Failure to report as at when due might lead to claim denial, the best way, is to report on time. If the car accident was avoidable but you failed to take action to prevent it, or your actions contributed to the accident’s occurrence, claim can also be denied


If the car owner pays a fixed amount to its company on time, the insurer can help with your claims, but if the car owner fails to keep up with his or her fees, the claim might be denied. If the gravity of the accident is more expensive than the insurance fees of the car, the insurance company can deny the claim. Reasons like:

  • Damages Exceeding the policy’s coverage limits
  • Exhausted coverage limits
  • The right type of coverage is not included in the policy


Violation of the law or insurance or being negligent when the car accident occurred can make the company deny claims of compensation. When under the influence of drugs or alcohol, without license, invalid car insurance etc. can make the claim to be denied


  • Inform the insurance company as soon as possible
  • Get information on the documents to submit like medical bills, car paper bills, claim application forms, photocopies of police report etc
  • Accident related information, data of the alleged, expenses incurred during the accident
  • Inform your local area police with all the details
  • Don’t panic when you get into an accident, get medical help immediately
  • Take pictures of the accident which can be good evidence
  • If your car accident insurance claim was denied, you should seek legal representation.


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