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The constant fear of death, destructions and disability are always lingering on our heads. Such fears and risks lead to financial losses. There is a need to get your-self protected against such losses. Insurance is a hedge against such losses. Insurance is an agreement between the insured and the insurer wherein the insurer agrees to take care of the losses of the insured on happening of some contingency. Right insurance can protect your life, health, car, home and a lot more. The monthly cost is the premium which is to be paid by the insured. Finding the right insurance policy requires some legwork. So you need to be sure that you are choosing the right insurance policy to get yourself covered.

Frequently Asked Question

Is your insurance company really on Your Side?
No, they are generally not on your side – they really only represent themselves.
How to get insurance companies to pay your claims?
Keep important and detailed documentation of your insurance company. • File an appeal. • Hire a professional. For smaller claims, it may not make financial sense to hire an attorney
How long does an insurer have to settle a claim?
Once a settlement is made, the insurer is required to send the settlement to the lawyer within 60 days. The lawyer is needs to send the claimant what is left within 30 days.


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