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Road Accident Claims

Getting out of your home to get things done for the day job is everyone’s wakeup call every day. We all hope to get back home with a hitch-free day, but sometimes things take a turn, the unexpected happens and life, as we all have it sometimes, can be unfair. Everybody has their shared experience in life taking a u-turn on them. Different stories are told on this and we all sometimes just have to live no matter what.

Unforeseen circumstances for instance road accidents happen every day which can place a detriment on lives, work, career and other aspects about an individual.
Road accident claims can have a life-changing repercussion and can have a drastic impact on personal or career ambition. Getting the right help from an experienced professional is vital if you have experienced road traffic accidents which weren’t your fault you can always place a claim about the accidents.

Frequently Asked Question

Who can claim for a road accident fund?
If you are involved in a road accident and it requires medical attention, you are entitled to claim from the road accident fund. But, if the accident was caused by you or you are the only party involved in the collision, you are not eligible to claim.
Can foreigners claim for road accident fund?
Drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists can claim from the Road Accident Fund, as long as you are not entirely responsible for the accident. That is, you didn’t cause the accident.
How long does road accident claim takes?
It takes longer for you to receive a road accident fund, it takes 3-5 years or longer
How much compensation will I get for a whiplash?
It can be up to £2,500 – £3,000 depending on the prognosis and pain of the injury and it might be more than that.

Who Are Entitled To Getting Road Accident Claims?

  1. Whiplash injury
  2. Air bag & Seatbelt injury
  3. Child retrain injury
  4. Recklessness
  5. Poor road maintenance
  6. Car malfunction &  Drivers negligence
  7. Weather conditions

Can you make a compensation claim on road accident that wasn’t your faults?

Definitely, yes. Careless/ aggressive driving, drink driving, not wearing a seat belt, negligence of speed limits, an innocent live can be hurt or injured. Because many times, victims can be in traumatic and agonizing situations after accidents, that is why it is very important for the victim to be in touch with an expert accident lawyer and claim their compensations.

Claims that can be made your recovery and any cost relating to that can be claimed such as medical treatment, loss of wages, travelling to medical appointment, adaptation to your home, mobility aids and specialist equipment.

Our department is made up of solicitors and experienced legal executives, each of whom completes cases more efficiently and on time.

Trust us to deal with your claim from minor to major injury, medical reports diagnosis quickly and efficiently thereby making it stress-free for our clients.

Advice should involve:

  • The possibility of your winning
  • The risk involved
  • Costs that are involved whether successful or not
  • Counterclaims to be faced

Complaints given are:

  • Rapid increase of maintenance fees
  • Mis-sold product or realized how ineffective the product is
  • Being cut in the web of product they no longer want
  • Bought something really worthy but eventually worthless

Steps Taken To Getting A Road Accident Injury Claim

  1. Exchange of information with other party such as phone number, names, insurance details
  2. Take photos of the accidents
  3. The model of the car, color should be taken down
  4. If a witness is available, their information should be taken down as well
  5. Refrain from discussing the accidents such as how to go about reporting it to the insurance companies
  6. Report the accident to the police, just in case of future disagreement with the other party

Evidences are then collated by us because it all this process sometimes can be daunting, we can assist you with the initial gathering process whereby a medical examination will be set up. Other additional information will also be gathered by us. For example photographs, witness statements, CCTV footage if available..

All this evidence will be a proof. The other party can decide o take this out of court but if otherwise, it will be placed before the court. Your road traffic accident claim will be handled in a professional way as we look to maximize the level of compensation.

The victim needs to  provide us details mentioned below

  1. Personal information which includes names, address, phone numbers
  2. Date and details of the accident
  3. Police reports
  4. Doctor’s diagnosis
  5. Other party name as well

The solicitor then handles the claim when all necessary information is given.


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