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What Sipp Means?

It is a government approved scheme which gives you a greater levels of freedom o how you invest your retirement funds compared to what you can get from other type of pension. You make your decisions on how your pension runs. Over one million nationals are into SIPPs to increase their pension fund, but do you know it involves more risk than other types of investment?

Unfortunately a lot of investors have lost their investment due to mis-sold SIPPs.

Have you ever experienced mis-sold SIPPs? Have you lost cash through SIPPs? Were you once a victim due to pressure or not so good advice? You can as well make a claim today.

How Sipp Are Mis-Sold

  • Wrong advice: people that were told to transfer their pension to SIPP without knowing the risk involved
  • Pressure: some were pressurized without giving time to think deeply of the consequence.
  • Not enough knowledge: this are the new investors, they were advised to go for the investment without having full knowledge of what they are going into
  • They weren’t explained to the 55% tax rate involved
  • They were told that once you are into SIPP, tax would be avoided
  • The risk involved was not explained properly
  • Unexplained hidden fees, big commission payment involved

Filing A Compensation Claim

One out of nine pensioners have experienced mis-sold SIPPs. Finding out risky pension scheme can be difficult, because people who go for SIPP might not know the high risk involved

This is where money advisory comes in, we are experienced in this line where we develop a strategy that reveals mis-sold pension schemes and we give the best advice on how to file compensation claim. We will guide you through the process. be rest assured that your potential claim will be in capable hands.

Some people might not want to go through the process on their own or face their financial advisor. If so, contact our skilled and experienced specialist, we are always ready to listen to you

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