Strategies on how to get out of debts

Debt these days, has become something we can’t do without, they say it’s the new normal. Something just has to come up which might lead us to going into debts. When responsibilities sometimes are taken care of, we then later realize another one is at our doorstep. Whereas our income is not sufficient to even last us a month due to piled up bills, this results into going into debts.

Don’t just give up yet, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It just takes the willpower to stand up right and say to Ourselves that “I need to be determined to know that how to get out of these steps. When this is done , action then follows.

Determination and discipline is the only willpower we need to stay or get out of debts. People feel it’s an impossible task. Similarly our attitude towards the payment of debts determines that how possible the task will be for us, backed up with hard work.

How can we really stay out of debts? There are some important strategies that are listed below to pay off your debts such as :

1. Clarity

A mental picture of what you want and where you want to go.

Several ways to find clarity -

I. Question yourself:
What do you really want to accomplish? There is this common acronym called a SMART goal. It means being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. These five words when strictly followed, you get out of debts in no time
For example earning £30,000 in 24 months, at least £12000 should be used to pay off your debts every month, if it is less than that, check the number of hours you need to work to get out of debts
Try to view or visualize what it’s going to take to achieve your goals, how free you will be after this goal is achieved. Having visualize that, then put it into action as the mental picture of your visualization is the driving force that drives you to achieving your goals
II. Determination to making it into reality:
To conquer frustration, one most remain intensely focused on the outcomes, not the obstacles. Once you are committed, and it’s achieved, it becomes a reality. It takes time to take a leap, but when it’s taken it becomes a reality. Clarity is nothing without commitment and determination. A journal, calendar, cheerleader (might be your family member or friends) can be your support system throughout the process.
III. Expect hassles:
Don’t be too hard on yourself when things don’t work according to plan, it’s bound to happen. We are just with the right heart to receive whatever comes, and be ready for any challenge that might want to face us.
Get clear on your outcome of debt paying, then develop your strategy and start on how it’s going to be fulfilled. Remember determination is a key to every success.

2. Organization of debts

These are for those that are into more than one debt. Organization of our debts makes us know the amount we are left with and the interest on each debt to be paid. With these, we will be able to know the high and low interest rate debts.
With this in mind, we then strategize on how the debts are going to be paid. The best way to pay of more than one debt, putting in consideration first the high- interest rate loans and then the low interest rate loans should be paid accordingly. Small debts that are not so much can be paid also first, depending on our incomes.
Then being consistent is the key, consistency of debts paying gets the load off our shoulder at a fast rate, but if there’s inconsistency, the duration of paying of the debts becomes longer, and this may delay you to the road of your financial freedom.

3. Savings

As the debts are being paid off, savings should also be done. Savings sometimes get us out of further debts. This will be preventing you from going into further debts in the future. Any emergency that knocks at your door will be taken care of instantly in the future. Paying off debts and savings do change our money mentality. This will reduce the way we spend our income and limit every form of unnecessary spending.
There are a few persons who think that it is not wise to pay debts and at the same time save because sometimes you get charged interest. Well, I will say some of us involve emotions to the way we manage our finances and pushes us into falling into debts that is the major reason debt is so common. Our savings should be aggressive, sometimes moderate and sometimes conservative. In all, it takes a disciplined and determined person to pay off debts and the same time allocates money for savings.
Let's break this down, it can be 90/10 allocations, when 90% will be for debt payment and 20% for savings for like several months, on hitting some milestones and the debts tension has been reduced, the allocations can be reduced to 80/20. More can be allocated to your savings on reaching your last months of payment.
When saving is made during debt pays off. You would always be prepared to face the world without owing any debts. It is also a good step to start savings and be ready for emergency.

4. Stay away from further loans and use extra income for credit payment

Further loans should be a big No for you. In short, the less you will be in debts, the happiest is rest working life. That’s why savings consider as the best option. Besides this extra income, like bonuses on wages or salary can be used to pay off your credit card debts.

Debt payment definitely is going to take time. Don’t be discouraged, strife and at the end of it all, you will be once again on the road to your financial freedom.

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