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Check your Eligibility in 4 easy steps

Name of the Resort or Club

Question 2

In which country did you purchase?

Question 3

Enter the amount you pay each year in Timeshare Maintenance Fees, in £s

What was the purchase price of your Timeshare in £s?

Include any deposit you paid in the first 3 months after signing up, in £s

Question 4

Now choose the number of years for which your Timeshare contract runs

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About Timeshare Claims

This is when several people having right to ownership to a particular property where each of the owners uses the property for a particular period in a year especially for vacation.

Each individual has its own several kinds of experiences or stories either being duped, into the contract, or being misled, not enough time to put the agreement into consideration may be due to pressure. To be able to exit this type of agreement should be considered carefully, a sound advice should be considered, if not considered, unjustly treatment might be the experience of such consumers. Sometimes the advice can be a type that explains the dispute from both sides, this sometimes set the party into confusion but at the end might favors the party.

Frequently Asked Question

What happens to your timeshare when you die?
Timeshare credit can be sold by the timeshare resort and the interest can be foreclosed, the timeshare interest are not transferred to the kids.
Can I give my timeshare back to the resort?
If you can’t sell your timeshare in the open market, then best advice is to give the timeshare back to the resort. There is a high probability that the resort will take it back from you.
Is it possible to get rid of timeshare?
If its within the recession period, timeshare can be cancelled depending on the state and it ranges from 3-15 days. After the recession period, it seems difficult to get rid of timeshare.

What We Do?

Therefore, we review each case for assisted funding for timeshare claims. We endeavor that all our clients get an accurate and impartial advice which is based on products specifically owned by them and issues they might be facing. We will access your membership, the company you are contract with that involves legal jurisdictions, financial commitments and future commitments.
Based on the above listed facts, we will then discuss and weigh your options which are relating the refunds of some certain percentages of your money release from your obligation. This process as usual might be quite complicated which requires a lot of experience and legal expert; We will be there to help you out.


Why Dissolve Your Timeshare?

SSometimes due to rapid increase in management fee or in flexibility while book holidays at desired location on time, then poor sales services make most of the clients unsatisfied.Some unsatisfied timeshare owners ask for assistance to dissolve agreement.


Common Reasons Might Be:

  • Longer years before contract expires
  • Being concerned about financial burden to loved ones
  • Travelling less at old age
  • Never satisfied with holidays first choice
  • Escalation of management fees

Advice And Complaints of Timeshare

Advice should involve:

  • The possibility of your winning
  • The risk involved
  • Costs that are involved whether successful or not
  • Counterclaims to be faced

Complaints given are:

  • Rapid increase of maintenance fees
  • Mis-sold product or realized how ineffective the product is
  • Being cut in the web of product they no longer want
  • Realizing they bought something really worth it but eventually worthless

We can assist with your relinquishment, all is not lost. If the above listed reason is related to you, you can contact us now for your no commitment free advice


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