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About Wills

Will Writing assures you that everything will be alright about your possessions that will be resolved after you gone. A will is a legal document which states how you want your assets, properties and belongings to be distributed. It allows your loved ones left behind to be taken care of. When a will is not written, it may become complicated for your loved ones, the law might decide who will get benefit and It may include that persons who don’t get benefit from the will. If you didn't leave any parent behind and you have a child or children that are less than 18 years, anyone can be their legal guardians. And they may not be part of those you wished to get your assets or belongings.

If your will is written, your wishes will be carefully expressed which can be revoked anytime while you are still alive. Will writing can be a way where we have multiple assets and want that would be disturbed within Our family members after your demise. Your will is watertight that will deliver on your wishes after you’re gone.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I write a will and notarize it myself?
You can write a will yourself and get notarized, but it must meet your state legal requirement. Do-it-yourself will creates of the low cost but a mess for your heirs.
How much does a will cost?
A flat fee for pound 300 can be requested by the lawyer for writing a will and estate planning documents. The maximum amount can be around pound 1000.
Who can witness a will?
Your witnesses must be 2 and above the age of 18years. They must not be part of the beneficiaries of what is written down in your will.
What happens if you don’t have a will?
If you have a partner or children, they are not entitled to your properties; your whole estate belongs to the government.

What Should Your Will Cover?

  • Assets: Your assets should be listed e.g. cars, houses and companies. Full documents should also be submitted, so as for easy location of assets.
  • Gifts like jewelries and money for charity.
  • If you have children below the age of 18 years, a guardian must be appointed in the will. In this way, they can be taken care when you will pass away.
  • Executors: an executor will need to be appointed to make sure your will is followed. This might be a family member or their solicitor, but it should be a trusted person.
  • Beneficiaries should be from a state or organization too.
  • Funeral instruction can also be included, like how you want to be buried and the money that should be involved.



Pros of Will Writing Services

  • Will writing service is usually cheaper as compared to a solicitor.
  • Will writing is an online service let you work at your own pace.
  • If we say for face-to-face will writing then will writers will usually visit you at home when it’s convenient for you.

Cons of Will Writing Services

  • In Will Service, regulation isn’t the same as for solicitors, so you won’t have the same protection if something goes wrong.
  • Will writers are not requires to be exactly a legally qualified person but consider as a member of recognized trade body, they have been trained in wills and estate planning.
  • Without a will, your wishes will not be legally bonded. In short, your children remain outside and you could lose your matrimonial home also.

Importance of Writing a Will

Your wishes are expressed as to what should happen after you are gone. It protects your wishes; your family is also protected. Especially, when you have assets, your family members will be able to maintain it we as compared to outsiders. You also need to make it legal, complete and correct at all times. With these you need to employ a solicitor that is an expert in this area. If you die without writing will many problems can arise so protect your assets, family by writing a will.


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